7 Things That Rockstar Virtual Assistants do Differently Than Regular VAs

As Virtual Assistants, we’re here to help entrepreneurs run their businesses. Hiring a virtual assistant helps entrepreneurs to stay in their zone of genius, as they can take care of time consuming tasks while you take point on more important tasks at hand. There are times when Rockstar virtual assistants can work miracles, that regular virtual assistants do not offer. You only realize how many things a VA can help you with, only once you have hired them. However, to help you understand the matter better, we have listed seven things that Rockstar VAs do differently than regular VAs.

  1. The Rockstar VA is Prepared

  2. The Rockstar VA is prepared to help and anticipates their client’s needs. This way clients will not have to ask for each thing specifically, as the Rockstar VAs will learn and adapt accordingly. This is only one of the many things they offer over regular VAs. As these Rockstar VAs are trained to help you in the best way possible, and make working more efficient and effective. Whereas, regular VAs have to be trained, and spoon feed in the first few days. As it will take time to train them, and get them prepared to share the workload.
  3. The Rockstar VA Communicates Consistently

  4. with a Rockstar VA you will not have to worry about where the assistant is at, as they will keep you updated with constant status updates. This way you will know at what stage the project is at, and how much more time will be required to get it done. With normal VAs you will just have to wait till the last minute, or keep checking in on them to see where they are at. There are times when it takes hours to track down regular VAs, but that will never be an issue with Rockstar VAs.
  5. The Rockstar VA Uses a Task Management System

  6. the Rockstar VAs use a project management system on a daily basis, this allows them to  manage all their workload, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. These Rockstar VAs are specially trained to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of work. This allows them to meet deadlines, and keep all the work on track and on record.
  7. The Rockstar VA Shares Ideas and Suggestions

  8. regular VAs are only there to help you with what you offer them, as they only care about making the hourly rate. However, Rockstar VAs are not the same. As they will not think twice before offering you their suggestions and ideas on the project at hand. They are encouraged to ask questions, so they can understand the project, and offer you insight based on their skills. So when you hire a Rockstar VA, you get an assistant that you can share ideas with, and discuss the possibilities and outcomes.
  9. The Rockstar VA is Adaptable

  10. all Rockstar VAs are mentored to accept the working style of their clients, and adapt their system. So clients will not be left in a mess, trying to figure out what goes where. The Rockstar VAs will simply keep on adapting and learning, instead of locking in new complex ways. This is a simple yet effective way to support the client, and their mindset. So they can easily keep up with the workload. On the other hand, regular VAs will set up their own system, as it serves them best. They will not care about the client’s system, and will keep on reassuring you how their system will help you get things done in a more effective way. However, clients fail to keep up with the system once the VA has left.
  11. The Rockstart VA Takes Detailed Notes

  12. the Rockstar VAs will always keep notes of all your discussion, to make sure that each aspect is dealt with accordingly. In addition, they will not down important dates, ideas, and thoughts. This way you can revisit the conversation with them, and pick up on the idea from where you left off. This is a great advantage for clients that are looking for VAs that can offer to work with them, instead of just working for them. Whereas regular VAs have so many clients, that they are unable to keep up with things such as dates, and notes.
  13. The Rockstar VA Adds Their Personal Touch 

  14. just because you have hired a VA does not mean that you do not wish to hire someone who is as entered in your business and it’s working as you are. As each employer wishes to take on a VA that is involved in the process, and is just not there to mark down the number of hours they have worked. With the help of Rockstar VAs, you will have a VA that treats your business like their own, and add a personal touch to the service. They are here to show you they care about your business, as much as you do. This will help you gain some peace of mind, as you will finally have a Rockstar VA that is working by your side, and shows the same amount of passion you have towards your business.

These seven points will help you understand the basic difference between a regular VA and a Rockstar VA. Some of you might not see the appeal, but those who have worked with VAs before, will be able to see the importance of a Rockstar VA who is offering much more than just a few online skills. These Rockstar VAs are trained to help clients achieve the best results, by offering them exactly the services they are looking for. These Rockstar VAs are well trained, and will be able to take on complete responsibilities on the first day, so you do not have to waste any time with them. Once you hire them, and give them the initial brief, they will be able to offer you the complete Rockstar virtual assistant services.

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