Arielle Hale PhotoAbout The VA Lab

The VA Lab serves millennial, US-based virtual assistants who need, and want, to increase their income. We do this through providing free resources, paid trainings, and one-on-one paid mentoring. Our programs and mentorship are superior in that they offer step-by-step, strategic, simple plans of action by people who are currently having success in our industry, which helps other virtual assistants get more clients, money, and peace of mind.

About Arielle Hale

Hey! My name is Arielle “Ari” Hale and although I started off as a virtual assistant, I now own a boutique launch agency where I help 6 and 7-figure business owners launch their online courses. I’m currently booked for 2016-2017 and am focusing on building The VA Lab.

Who I’ve Worked With:

  • – Rick Mulready
  • – Rachel Luna
  • – Nikki Elledge Brown
  • – Neville Medhora
  • – Jasmine Star
  • – AppSumo
  • – Kiva Leatherman
  • – Bryan Harris
  • – Jenna Kutcher
  • – Alyson Stanfield
  • – Jessica Winnett
  • – Maverick Next
  • – Lisé Kuecker
  • – Dr. Gay Hendricks
  • – Christopher Howard
  • – Bradley T. Morris