The Crucial Characteristic of Business Owners Who Hit 7-Figures

For the last 9 years (and counting), I’ve been able to work 1:1 with business owners who have 5, 6, and 7 figure businesses (online and brick + mortar). And by 1:1, I mean I am the right-hand person who has had complete access to everything: teams, operations, systems, finances, personal life, everythingggggggg (sometimes, way too much info).

I’ve worked every role: receptionist, admin assistant, executive assistant, operations manager, event coordinator, customer service rep, virtual assistant, online business manager, project manager, launch manager. My point is, I’m not new to this shit. I’m often underestimated and I keep pretty quiet about what I know but that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly learning, observing, and taking note.

And I’ve noticed one crucial characteristic of those who hit 7-figures and those who don’t: intense, stubborn, singular *focus*.

They obsessively make ONE thing amazing before moving on to the next project. These have also been the most fun and easiest clients to work with. Their teams are happy, productive, energized, and produce quality work. There are minimal mistakes because there’s 100% focus. They have time to think, breathe, and actually generate ideas. They’re not always in rush, just get it up mode.

Think about it, when you’re working on making ONE thing amazing, you’re making real progress, building momentum, your team takes you seriously and is actually being productive (because you’re not killing their flow with the stop and go of multiple projects), there’s a nice ebb and flow.

And maybe your goal isn’t 7-figures. Maybe your goal is to actually enjoy your business, have more time off, or build a quality team. Whatever it is you want, take a step back and check in on what your focus is. One priority, one focus, one goal. Everything outside of the focus doesn’t matter and wastes time and energy. How are you showing up for your team, your projects, and your business? Are you even showing up?

Look, we can’t want it for you. We’re looking to you for inspiration, motivation, and leadership. YOU are setting the example. YOU are teaching us how you want us to treat your business, projects, and goals. What’s happening in your business is a reflection of how you are leading (or not leading). Are you listening to your team? Are you even asking questions? Are you even sure what your own focus is?

I dare you to commit to making one thing amazing for the next 30 days. Finish a project. Stop jumping from idea to idea. Stop pushing out a million “okay” things and produce something that’s outstanding. Your team wants to produce something they’re proud of, they just need the opportunity and focus to do so.

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