Welcome to The VA Lab!

So… what is The VA Lab?

Each week, without fail, someone reaches out to me to ask a few of the following questions:

  • What do you do so that you can work from home?
  • How can I get started as a VA?
  • How do I deal with (blank)?
  • What tools do I need? 
  • What skills should I learn?
  • What do you do when a client does (blank)?

Truthfully, I started The VA Lab so I could send people here instead of answering the same questions over and over again :). 

My intention is to share my experience starting as a VA (virtual assistant) and evolving into a launch manager. Tips, tricks, and tools. 

I’ve considered the idea of teaching other VAs how to launch/do what I do, the way I do it, but I really don’t have it in my right now to create a course (I’m focusing on doing things that excite me and raising my new baby boy). 

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t share my insights, experience, and advice. When I’m up for it, I’ll share some basic trainings, launch notes, templates, etc. all for free. 

Sometimes, I’ll promote courses and resources that I personally use and/or have helped me. Sometimes, I’ll share stories and how I’ve handled situations (like this one time a bat shit crazy person made up things about me, stalked me online, and made themselves look silly because of their lack mindset and personal baggage they never sorted through).  

Anyway, it’s possible I’ll do a course, one day, but for now, I’m happy to give away everything I know for free. 

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